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“AND THERE SHALL COME AN ANT-MAN!” – Cadillac Jack Goes Mano-a-mano with his Inner Child Over the Merits of Marvel’s Latest Masterpiece, and the Verdict? Everybody Wins (Mostly)!

What’s the most telling indicator of what makes a great movie? The way you feel while you watch it; sitting there in the dark clutching your popcorn and jujubes as the film washes over you in all it’s IMAX 3D Technicolor glory, or later, when you lie awake in the night, watching the movie spool [...]

“LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!” Ah-nold is Back in a Brand New Terminator Film and the Best News is, This One Doesn’t Suck (Much)!

OK, to start off by answering the most important non-question of all, no, Terminator: Genysis isn’t anywhere near as good as the first Terminator movie or T2: Judgment Day. But it is worlds better than the absolutely disastrous T3: Rise of the Machines or the much-lamented Terminator: Salvation. However, keep foremost in your mind that [...]

BOOM BOOM! ACKA LACKA LACKA BOOM! “Jurassic World” Walks The Dinosuar To Half A Billion Dollars Worldwide! [Double-Team B]

Second Time Director Colin Trevorrow (with a little help from Chris Pratt and Steven Spielberg) Resurrects an Extinct Movie Franchise-But Is It Any Good?
It was obvious to me Friday night that there was something going on with Jurassic World. I showed up for the 7 PM IMAX 3D show at my local theatre, and it was [...]

“Dyno-Might!!” – “Jurassic World” Consumes The Box-Office & Recaptures The Spirit of Two Decades Ago! [Double-Team A!]

First, a quick hop back to 1993….
Steven Spielberg had a a banner year. In the Summer, he reinvented the summer tentpole he created with Jaws in 1975, by  releasing Jurassic Park. This post-modern monster thriller fully made CGI a regular part of a filmmaker’s tool kit. Simultaneously brand new and old-school, this giant crowd -pleaser [...]

Start Your Engines, ‘Cause George Miller Has Two Hundred Horses in His Pocket and They are Ready to Roar! [Double-Team B]

When the original Mad Max came out in the lost and forgotten bygone year of 1979, I wasn’t impressed. To the jaded eye of this freshly-minted college graduate and his yet-to-be-road-tested Theatre degree, the whole thing seemed too low budget and low brow for my taste. The entire film either sailed far over my head [...]

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