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So, He Never Got That Blue Food?

Mel Watkins, in today’s online edition of the New York Times, writes:  “During a career that spanned five decades, he emerged as one of the most durable, productive and versatile comedians of his era. He evolved from Jerry Seinfeld-like whimsy and a buttoned-down decorum in the ‘60s to counterculture icon in the ‘70s. By the [...]

Manly? Yes, But Still Funny Too!!

Eddie Izzard, “Stripped”, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN 6/20/2008

Eddie Izzard is on a stand-up comedy tour in the US right now, a continuing part of the effort to broaden his appeal to the American audience. Following two seasons on FX’s The Riches, and a well-received Broadway run in “Joe Egg” several seasons ago, Izzard is primed [...]

She Had Legs. She Knew How to Use Them.

The lovely lady depicted to the left was 44 years old at the time this provocative photo was taken. The year was 1965, and this image comes from the Matt Helm (aka Dean Martin) spy-comedy film classic, “The Silencers”. She is Cyd Charisse, and she died yesterday at the age of 86.
Cyd, born Tula Finklea, took up [...]

7” of Ecstasy – “Here’s Where The Story Ends”

The Sundays, “Here’s Where The Story Ends“, Universal Music, 1990
This “little souvenir of a terrible year” is one of the most perfect sounding pop singles of the past twenty years. Briskly strummed acoustic guitars top a two/four crisp but mellow snare, light and unfussy bass, & all of it gets honey-dipped in Harriet Wheeler’s breathy, crystalline lead vocals and enigmatic [...]

the popGeezer Mission Statement

I am a “pop Geezer”, an aging fart. I’m not decrepit, but I am relatively crusty.
Born in 1960, I was raised to have a core belief in the Holy Trinity – TV, The Beatles, and “Peanuts”. My mother alleges that I taught myself to read by age four so that I could take in the [...]