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I’m Not Sure How This Picture is Supposed To Make Me Feel …

Oh, who am I kidding …?  This picture makes me happy, happy, happy!!!
Glaser just radiates a magical 70’s kind of joy, the kind that comes from when you could run on the beach with your partner forever!!
And I thought David Soul was dead, until I saw that he’d starred in a British TV production of [...]

Hey, I Know This Guy!!

The has a profile of local Nashville chef Jesse Zimmerman of the Copper Kettle.  I know this dude and his amazing wife.  I know his food too, and it’s awesome-o.
If it’s good enough for Keith Urban, who I heard hit the Kettle twice last week, then it’s certainly good enough for you!!
Next time you’re in Nashville, [...]

Who Watches the Watchmen? (Apparently To Be Updated Like a Stock Ticker)

Updated 7/31/2008 PM:
Empire Online (UK) has some material coming up in their special Watchmen issue, including two covers and four nice snaps.
And our beloved Harry Knowles used the full-force of his AICN-ness to get Warner to fork over high-res images of the poster series unveiled at SDCC.  One of these shots prove once and for all, [...]

I Feel Hot Breath on My Neck ….

I’m not gonna lie to you.  As a guy with a vested interest in packaged media, this stuff is starting to make me twitchy. 
At least Mark Cuban, billionaire blowhard, is making me feel a little better.  On G4’s “Attack of the Show” yesterday, he said the internet’s hi-speed capability sucks and can’t compete with fiber-optic [...]

Depending on Your Point of View, This Was the Beginning of the End

Radio & Records, one of the more “inside” music chart and radio trade papers, is celebrating its 35th anniversary by selecting the “35 Pivotal Moments In R&R History”
I’ve not seen an issue recently, but was sent the information below in an e-mail from a colleague of mine.  I don’t know how far they’ve gotten into [...]

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