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The CooPops: The First Annual CooterTV & popGeezer Excellence in TV Awards (Only Hours to the Finalist Announcement)

Updated 8/31/2008 PM: The open nominating period is now over.  The final list of nominees and the voting process wil be posted at 12:15 AM on 9/1/2008.  We’re looking forward to your continued participation!!
Original data:  Now underway & continuing until 11:59 PM, 8/30/2008, you’re invited to submit nominations for the 1st annual “CooPop Excellence in TV Awards“. 
Sponsored by &, [...]

I’m Not Sure How This Instructional Video Is Supposed To Make Me Feel… (Updated)

… but just keep in mind that Bobby & Myron were part of a TV show that aired, in one form or another, in first-run for over 30 years – “The Lawrence Welk Show”.
The amazing thing is I stumbled upon this video while searching for information on Gov. Sarah Palin, got sidetracked by two lovely portraits [...]

I’m Not Sure How This Commercial is Supposed To Make Me Feel …

… but I know the guy who wrote the spot was on something.  Prepare yourself for a heaping helping of “wrong”.
God bless you, TMZ, for pointing out this gold medal moment in badly scripted advertising. 
(Seriously, Ortega, what were you thinking??  Leave our all-American superpixie Shawn Johnson alone, you creepy corporate monolith…)

Katy Perry’s Infection Reaching Pandemic Levels

She vlogs. 
 I’m a smitten kitten.  (Technically, I believe I would be considered a “Katy Cat”.) 
I have to go put Katy stickers on my math notebook and then practice signing my name as “Mr. popGeezer Perry”.  Watch this ’til I get back.  Katy sez this is her favorite jumper, EVER.

TBTIRT: “Freaky Friday 2″, or “Grand Theft News Cycle: Anchorage”

So Sen. McCain snagged him a scrapbook full of headlines earlier today by shocking the world with his veep pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah “Barracuda” Palin (it’s her nickname, I kid you not…).
How freaky is this Friday? 
I’ve linked up a kind of point-counterpoint from CNN below.  Both of these Op/Ed pieces are from commentators I genuinely [...]

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