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Come With Us Now On A Journey Through Time & Space, Into the World of “The Mighty Boosh” (Revisedly Updated)

Image (c) 2008 Melon Bread ;
Re-updated 9/30/2008:
The celestial sources, which previously had indicated that series one of “The Mighty Boosh ” may have been headed toward a US release this October, have changed their tune somewhat.  While some wonderful bits of data – like UPC’s and configurations and the like – still are safely in place, the vital release date information [...]

Hey, You Reality TV Fans!!

While I spent part of my weekend finally getting Mrs. popGeezer hooked on the best reality competition show on Earth – ITV’s The X-Factor - it looks like CooterTV’s King Cooter got all up to date on his US reality blogs.  You can click over there now to see his clever cleavering of the premier episodes of [...]

TMETIRT: I Can Hear the Cries of Dr. Zachary Smith, Can’t You??

Things just got tougher.  I went to look at my 401K balance, but I can’t see anything through the smoke on my monitor’s screen.
I got the unattributed text below in an e-mail this AM, so please to enjoy:
I’m against the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG.  I trust my fellow adult Americans to know how to use [...]

“Suspended” Omelet Drops 40 Ft. On Cable, Then Disappears (Updated)

It’s Friday, and your inverted Omelet is plummeting towards you from 40 feet above:
1. Big week in Disney-land.  During a gala event on Wednesday, the studio announced a variety of projects like “Cars 2″, “Tron 2″, & “A Christmas Carol” with Jim Carrey playing eight motion-captured roles.  Also on the menu –
2. Johnny Depp will play Capt. Jack [...]

Lawyers, Guns, Butter & Money – Playing the Financial Crisis (Updated for Debate Deal & WaMu)

Updated 9/26/2008 AM: Play ball!!!  Game on!  Still no bailout deal.
Updated 9/25/2008 late PM: Earlier, a bailout deal reportedly reached.  Later, not so much.  Network news characterizes the scenario as President & Senate supportive of negotiated deal.  House Republicans and Sen. John McCain not so much.  Suspension over?  Nope.  Debate back on?  Only Sen. Obama has said [...]

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