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Gimmie That Old Time U.K. Sci-Fi !!

The BBC’s 2005 reboot of “Doctor Who” has become a jumping off point for a full-scale revival of sci-fi and fantasy TV programming in the United Kingdom.  The BBC extended their brand with “Torchwood” and “The Sarah Jane
Chronicles”, establishing a nice beachhead of ratings success on Saturday nights in Great Britain.
Turning to the producers of BBC’s global [...]

Them Torchwood Boys Is a Randy Bunch!

John Barowman and his band of “Torchwood” regulars do get up to some antics.
Over at After, and the original posting by smirnoffmule, you’ll see Barrowman revving up another of his trademark conventioneering snogfests.
This apprarently also led to a round of pants-dropping.

“Torchwood” returns for a five-hour season three in early 2009.
Photo (c) 2009 by smirnoffmule
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My Dear Watson, The Infotainment Omelet’s Afoot!! (Updated)

Friday comes, and this week’s Omelet has been laced with a secret code for your final popQuiz question!!
1. What happens to a cult-hit TV show after the love has gone?  That’s what this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story on “Heroes” is all about.  Missing from Doc Jensen’s five sure-fire fixes?  More Quinto, less Ventamiglia.
2. Along those villainous lines, the [...]

P4TD: DirecTV Rocks The Vote with Election Mix!!!

Is it really all just a game?  The Super Bowl of Politics??  In all honesty, this sounds like a great way to watch the Finals.


DirecTV simulcasts vote day
WILLIAM TRIPLETT — Daily Variety , October 23, 2008 Thursday
DirecTV will showcase eight news networks simultaneously on Nov. 4, courtesy of its special Election Mix Channel.

The respective coverage of [...]

Oh My Sweet Freakin’ Christmas!!! LOST SEASON 5 TRAILER!!!!! (Updated with Tubage)

I don’t know why, how or who – but you can see the “leaked” trailer for “LOST” season 5 right here.
For reals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have not finished season 4, please resist any temptation to click.  Resist!! Resist!!

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