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While Pouting Over “Daisies” Imminent Demise…

… We discovered a neat little site called Den of Geek which pontificates on 17 other TV shows that went too soon.
Check the list out, and you’ll see that Bryan Fuller and Tim Minear are the patron saints of quality dead TV.

That’s TV’s Todd Holland between Fuller and Minear at the 2004 SDCC.
One more note on [...]

A Rough Thanksgiving for “Heroes” of All Kinds

So, Entertainment Weekly’s harsh but fair cover story on “Heroes” put many things in motion.  Two show-runners bit the big one.  The media press got re-interested in a show they’d already given up for dead.  And now, “Heroes” creator Tim Kring made an unguarded comment that flared into some controversy this week.  Both Time’s James [...]

Let’s Be Thankful For the popGeezer 100, & This Week It’s #70-61 !!

As we all hope for the blackest Black Friday  ever – thanks, Sect. Paulson – let’s take a moment and be thankful for the best pop records of the year.  That’s right, it’s time once again for the popGeezer 100!! 
Now let’s get all up in those 60’s, shall we??
70. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)“, [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, Single Ladies!

You’re ABSOLUTELY In The Jungle Now, Doctor!! (Updated Post Rose)

Updated 11/27/2008 PM:
Dear Axl Rose,
I forgive you for making us wait the better part of two decades for “Chinese Democracy”.  I swear I will go get me a copy on Black Friday.  Why?
You are pissed off that Dr. Pepper fumbled the ball on the free soda.
God bless you for your coolness, Mr. Brownstone.
You’re an Axl, [...]

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