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I’m Not Sure How This Picture Is Supposed To Make Me Feel…

…but what’s the story here, anyway??

Magilla Gorilla announces a surprising new video series!!
Wonder Twins activate!!
Hey, Benji grew a new goatee!!
Who’s down with OPP??

“Caprica” Pilot Shooting Script Leaked Online

Recently, thanks to a link from Pop Candy, I was able to read a leaked version of the shooting script for the pilot for the Sci-Fi/Universal series “Caprica“, the upcoming prequel to “Battelstar Galactica”.  With the series planned arrival on Sci-Fi in late 2009 or 2010, and “BSG”’s last slate of episodes coming in just weeks, it seemed [...]

the popGeezer 100 Kisses the Toppermost of the Poppermost: #1

1. “I Kissed A Girl“, Katy Perry
C’mon, what did you expect?  
This single had Captiol Records’ first seven week run at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart since “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in 1964!!. 
See, I told you time and again that Katy had legs.
But the real significance of this hit record is measured by more than just chart position.  [...]

the popGeezer 100: #2

2. “So What“, P!nk
As any musicologist worth their salt knows, you can’t have a big hit pop record (like, your first #1 even) in the 21st Century unless your song is a … friggin’ Souza march about your divorce !?!!?!?!?!?!?
This one defies a lot of logic, which often makes for a great pop hit (“When Doves [...]

“Who Watches The Watchmen? Hold On There, BabaLooey –”

Updated 12/29/2008:
Fox says it’s committed to stopping the release of “Watchmen”, Warner still says the suit is baseless.
Next court date is January 20th.
I’ve heard, from totally disreputable sources, that Alan Horn plans to drop a mutated squid on Tom Rothman and Rupert Murdoch.
Original 12/25/2008 post:
Nikki Finke, Hollywood’s Delphian oracle says –
Fox wins the lawsuit.
Holy hat full of [...]

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