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4th Most Exciting Thing I’ve Read Today!!

New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody duo, the Flight of the Conchords, are touring the States this Spring.  And they’re stopping by the Mother Church of Country Music pretty much right off the bat.  Great booking, Murray!!
Here are Flight of the Conchords’ tour dates:
April 6: Tampa, Fla. (Tampa Bay PAC)
April 7: Coral Gables, Fla. [...]

SoBe 3D, or Be Square Partner!!

If you recall, SoBe LifeWater (a fine PepsiCo product) began a major TV marketing campaign, starring the Thrillicious Lizards and the hazardously thrilling Naomi Campbell during last years Super Bowl XXII,  with this clever commercial:

Then, taking advantage of the global TV marketplace that was the Summer Olympics, SoBe introduced another spot in the campaign:

And now, thanks to iTunes (and [...]

No Atlanta or Nashville on Taylor’s First Headline Tour? Wha – ?

Taylor Swift has announced the dates for the “Fearless” tour, her first solo headlining tour.  BBFF (blonde BFF) Kellie Pickler is to be Taylor’s opening act.
No Nashville?  No Atlanta??  Hmph.  Her Pennsylvania homeland gets two dates…  Not feelin’ the love. 
Don’t get above your raisin’, girl.  Now onto the dates:

February 10 San Antonio, TX
March 1 Plant City, FL
March [...]

The Best Movies of 2008: “Slumdog Millionaire”

What we ask of modern movies is a pretty tall order, just transcend the ordinariness of everyday life.
Television has pushed its creative boundaries to the point where average films, typified by the glut that go directly to DVD today, just cannot consistently compete with TV on an artistic level.  Most of the week-in and week-out theatrical releases, despite [...]

An Open Letter of Apology to Damon Lindelhof & Carlton Cuse

RE: “Lost” Epsiode 503, “Jughead”
I’m sorry.  I was wrong.  Nobody jumped a thing.  You rule.  But admit it, that second episode confounded you too.
Why was I so wrong?

Henry Ian Cusack and Jeremy Davies, in general
“And it’s a very special island.”
“Others 101″
The total coolness of Nestor Carbonell (who’ll always be BatManuel to me)
“Rumour had it he was tryin’ to [...]

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