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Hercules Previews His Labors of March!!

By Zeus’ beard, all hail his mighty scion Hercules !!! 
Or at least the kick-a** dude at who calls himself that.  Here’s Herc’s breakdown of what TV debuts when in (the unusually sweepy) month of March:
America’s Next Top Model (CW) March 4
Any Dream Will Do (BBCA) March 29
Ashes To Ashes (BBCA) March 7
Ax Men (History) [...]

Purity Ring Manufacturers Surprised By “Side Effect” Class Action Lawsuit

“Or Is It Too Little, Too Late” ?? (Updated with Steven Page Comments)

Updated 2/27/2009:  Steven Page, late of Barenaked Ladies, has spoken to the press about his departure from the band.  He ascribes the decision to leave to finally being ready to step away from both the security and limitations of being one person in a five-man democracy.
Having just recently digested all the “Chips & Dip V” live material [...]

Wednesday Evening “Idolatry”, Refreshed on Friday

2/27 AM Update:   Well, we’ve got picking the faves down cold, it’s that third-place position that’s giving us fits.
Kris Allen was not on our radar at all.  Will Jasmine, Jesse or nutty Nick get the wild-card call???
First things first, how much fun was Nick??  Sure his crazy is super-calculated, but it’s still funny!
As far as the [...]

“Leverage” Wraps Up Season 1, Teases Season 2?

TNT’s “Leverage” wrapped-up up their first, and terrifically entertaining, season this week.  Emphasizing entertainment, likeably off-center characters, fun, and great casting (kudos to adding Kari Matchett as Timothy Hutton’s ex), Dean Devlin’s show was as comforting as a home-cooked meal after weeks of complicated French cooking.
And, if traffic to this site is any indication, the popGeezers [...]

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