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“Sometimes People Make A War” (Sophomorically NSFW)

Yes, sometimes places in our amazing world send us viral diseases… like this collection of The 6 Worst ‘Professional’ Music Videos on the Web.
Number three is actually so wonderfully bad, I laughed ’til happy water flowed from my facial seeing holes.
Wow… could that be the swine flu talking?

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I Believe I Said, “You Really Should Be Watching ‘Better Off Ted’”

The show’s ficitonal “Veridian Dynamics” has a statement about pre-emption of their 4/29 season finale, which ABC has not re-scheduled for airing as of this date:

Guilt-Free Pop For Seniors: Adam Schlesinger Wants To Party Like It’s 1979, and Ben Folds Goes Back To School

No, it’s not Blind Faith.  (Ask your grandparents.)
But Tinted Windows is a pretty astonishing collection of talent for a modern “super group”:

Fountain of Wayne’s primary songwriter, and true pop aficionado, Adam Schlesinger is on the bass.
James Iha, original member of Smashing Pumpkins, is the lead guitarist.
A foundation of late 70’s power pop, and the only member [...]

Live-Blogging Tonight’s “American Idol” Pentagram !!


Live-blogging of tonight’s (4/28) “Rat Pack” night on “AI” will begin at 8 Eastern/7 Central time.  Join us for a “ring-a-ding-ding” hour of fun and Simon making grim faces!!
Open: Ooh… the Usual Suspects!!  And nice tie, Seacrest.  OMG, it’s “Oceans 5″!?!  And the mystery mentor is…  Jamie Foxx????  Sure, that makes sense.
Block A: Jamie lovin’ [...]

Is The BBC Promotions Department Thinking Too Far Outside The Box?

Los Angeles Times | April 27, 2009 | 5:27 p.m. PT

24 new cases of swine flu in U.S.
* 20 of the new cases are in New York, 3 in California and 1 in Texas.
* In California, the confirmed new cases are in Sacramento and San Diego
* All new U.S. cases are mild. Numbers will continue [...]

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