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Another Weekend DVR Download From Across the Pond

As American TV took a brief nap before the summer season starts kicking in for real, the DVR download this weekend was generally fueled by programming from the U.K.  A few bits of it will have an impact in the U.S. in the next few weeks, so let’s clear the drive, shall we??
The big story from [...]

Your popWire for May 29, 2009 – Posing the Question “Why Were the ‘Smallville’ and ‘Prison Break’ Finales So Lame?” (Spolier Alert)

Yet another Friday, so it’s time for your latest popWire – this week with bonus amounts of BAD FINALES!! 
1. First, a semi-apology to TV’s “Prison Break“.   Saddled with the second worst season finale of ‘09- and a close to all-time worst series capper ever – the show has one last surprise up its sleeve.  The movie-length DVD [...]

How Can So Much Soap Make Me Feel So Dirty?

Ladies and Gentlemen…  Lady GaGa.

(Photo for RS by David LaChapelle)

Comic Book, Strip, or Character: A popGeezer Hall of Fame Category Close-Up

A dark knight of justice, a collective of funny animals and funnier humans mocking the 1980’s, a bizarre fusion of freaks and critters offering themselves up as comic oddities, the most intelligent and emotionally complex group of schoolchildren ever assembled, the human condition as viewed by seven immortal siblings, and the definitive deconstruction of the super-hero myth [...]

My Faith In Sanctity of “Idol” Voting Is Shaken

Stunning reporting in today’s New York Times, which, at the very least, must end the AT&T stranglehold on text-voting for “Idol” : 


May 27, 2009
AT&T May Have Swayed ‘Idol’ Results

LOS ANGELES — AT&T, one of the biggest corporate sponsors of “American Idol,” might have influenced the outcome of this year’s competition by providing phones for [...]

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