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He’s Good Enough, He’s Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Him.


Senator-Elect Franken decribes either the margin of his victory over opponent Norm Coleman, or how he helped wife Franni with her substance-abuse problems.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled former SNL writer/performer, radio pundit, and screenwriter Al Franken the winner of the 2008 campaign for a U.S. Senate seat.  Franken’s G.O.P. opponent, Norm Coleman, officially conceded earlier this afternoon.
For [...]

Let’s Spin The Neverland “Wheel.. Of.. Fortune!”

I promised you, and myself, that I’d try and stay out of the grim and acrid muck called “news”, which would follow the death of the King of Pop.  So, while skipping over sludge about vanishing wills, questionable genetic contributions, and that lovable ol’ grizzly-bear Joe Jackson, I will mention an interesting article based on some relatively factual material.
The Hollywood Reporter [...]

I’m Don’t Think I’m Totally Onboard With This Idea…

Okay, ”The Nutty Professor: The Musical” is not, on the surface, a bad idea. 
Rupert Holmes (Edwin Drood, “Escape (The Pina Collada Song”) and Marvin Hamlisch (A Chorus Line, They’re Playing My Song) ?   These are not the worst guys to pick to create your book, lyrics and music.
But.. an 83-year old, often health-challenged Jerry Lewis making his stage directorial [...]

X O X O, Auto-Tune

Cobra Starship – New Music – More Music Videos

Cobra Starship’s video for their new single, Good Girls Go Bad, features “Gossip Girl”s very own Leighton Meester. 
If this is any indication of what’s to come from Leighton’s own debut album later this year, T-Pain may have to buy a second auto-tune unit just to keep up. 
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“Transformers: Rise Of The Fallen” Is More Man Than You’ll Ever Be

Michael Bay makes “manly” films.  They’re aggressive, loud, full of machines that make stuff blow up, or that just blow up themselves.  His latest, “Transformers: Rise of Fallen“, is so powerfully butch that it probably caused pregnancies in the theater where I saw it screened.  It is such pure, visual testosterone that pro athletes cannot view this movie [...]

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