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Summit Entertainment, Classy Like Freddie Blassie

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Proving that the “Twilight” bus dosen’t stop rolling, and there’s still lots of room under it, Summit Entertainment announced today that Rachelle Lefevre is out as vampire villainess Victoria in the third part of the film franchise, “Eclipse“.  With a public declaration of ”scheduling conflicts”, she’ll be replaced by box-office dynamo Bryce Dallas Howard.
However, Summit forgot to [...]

Your Last SDCC popWire for July 28, 2009

As the magic of 2009’s San Diego Comic-Con fades like the mists of Avalon, there are still a few stories left untold in its aftermath.  Among them:
1. Fox has dropped a full trailer for “The Cleveland Show“.  Premiering in September, as part of Fox’s (almost) all-Seth McFarland Sunday night, the trailer feels like… just maybe we’ve gone [...]

B-B-B-Bennie Bites The Dust !! (Updated for Finke)


TMZ had it first, but Variety has more stuff.  The amazing Ben Silverman experiment is over at NBC.  Good lord, can you believe it lasted almost two years?!?!
[He gets one tiny gold star from me for his support of "Kings".  It was really good!]
Updated 7/27 Late AM:
Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood caps things off with this e-mail from [...]

Your Slashy Second SDCC popWire For July 24, 2009

No, I was not going to drop a second wire today.  But then, this showed up…

How hard does that ROCK!!!!  (Seriously, this got me more “grrr” than underage Batgirl did.)
Mucho slashy gracias,!!

Your (SDCC-Themed) popWire For July 24, 2009

Oh, sweet San Diego.
Home of fine dining, wonderful local wineries, and an event where your little sister dresses down and still unsettles old men like me.
It’s Comic-Con time in America’s geekiest coastal city, and I do miss it so.  After our initial journey last year – about as good a time as one can have thanks [...]

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