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Affirmation, Baby. Miranda’s Mom Gives Us A Shout-Out?!?

Hey, lookit!!!  I think Miranda Lambert’s mom put our ”Revolution At The Ryman” Review up on Miranda’s web site forum.  You can click over to that site here.

I don’t really have a way to get the gratitude back, short of a pingback, so thanks Miranda’s mom!!  You got a darn swell daughter to be proud of, and [...]

Dino-riffic News For Fans of “Primeval”

How different is the financial paradigm in the entertainment world these days??  It’s this different: BBC (and, in turn, BBC America) is partnering with its broadcasting nemesis of over fifty years, ITV, to resurrect “Primeval“?  And even crazier… they’re putting up the bulk of the dino-cash!  Here’s the cheerful sci-fi news in today’s official press release: 
International collaboration [...]

“Mad Men: The Fog/Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency/Seven Twenty-Three” Triple-Shot Exit Poll (Spoiler Alert)

Connie?!?  How did I not see that coming?
A baby’s name could be the tipping point in the Draper’s marriage?  Or, water and the Rockefeller administration?  Or, a contract?
Actually, all are cumulative triggers to the self-destructive response Don Draper has to the feeling of the noose.
And John Deere, too?  Ouch.
A wildly mixed bag of moments, featuring the most dastardly ”Rube Goldberg” contraption [...]

Sanity & Strategy In Programming A Network? Wha’ Happened? (Updated)

The Hollywood Reporter is running a story today that Simon Cowell’s new contract with Fox and “American Idol” isn’t quite locked down yet.  Why?
“The X Factor“.
Cowell’s U.K. pop-culture phenomenon of a TV singing competition, far better than “Idol” at every turn, was contractually locked-out of the U.S. when Cowell settled a lawsuit with “Idol” creator [...]

Our Little Girl’s [Too?] Grown Up, And A Summer Concert Wrap-Up

Taylor Swift “Fearless Live” with Kellie Pickler and Gloriana, Sommet Center, Nashville, TN, 9/12/2009 

The evening before her global pop coronation was mangled by a dude who likely suffered brain damage during an unfortunate haircut mishap, Taylor Swift performed before a sell-out crowd in her adopted hometown of Music City U.S.A.  The only people who interrupted her there were thousands of screaming little [...]

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