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Variety Has A Geekstatic Story Today!

The BBC has decided to combine the most powerfully beloved exports in U.K. history into a fiercely combustible potion, as Doctor Who and the Beatles collide in “Naked Lennon”:

Yes, that’s one ex-Doctor (Eccleston) and one dead member of Torchwood 3 (Mori) set to play the most complex couple in pop history.
You may freak out now.  [...]

The 2009 popGeezer 100 Begins with Some Pre-Thanksgiving Crudités

Happy Thanksgiving, Geezoids!
In my own simple way of saying thank you for another year of support, it’s time for a sneak preview of the second annual (online, that is, as it’s the sixth edition in real life) popGeezer 100 of the year.
The premise is this — your popGeezer has once again gone out and selected the [...]

“The Laws of Time Are Mine, And They Will Obey Me!”: David Tennant’s Penultimate Outing As Doctor Who (Spoiler Alert)

Russell T. Davies, creator of “Queer As Folk” but known more for his work in sci-fi and fantasy, re-booted the BBC classically camp fantasy series “Doctor Who” as a much more serious modern work of sci-fi in 2005.  For an obsessive recent history of the Doctor, you can “read more about it” in the post where I put [...]


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010.  9 PM ET/8 PM CT.
If “V” survives, they’ll be bunkmates.
Thanks to a swell new fansite, we also know what the title of the 2 hour premier is:
Excuse me, I have to find a paper bag or get my head lowered.  I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning.


“Smallville: Idol” Exit Poll (Spoiler & Cadillac Jack Alert!)

[Ed. note: Please allow me to introduce college friend, real-life radio journeyman, and my one-time artistic collaborator on the unfinished - but never forgotten - comic-book proposal, "Blanc", the one and only Cadillac Jack.  Jack & I have been "facebooking" for a while over TV's "Smallville".  He recently sent me a detailed reaction to this past [...]

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