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Your popGeezer Live Blogs The 2010 Grammy Awards! (Updated For List of Winners)

Behold the shining Gramophone – it is the mark of musical excellence, or a huge joke, depending on your point of view.  Join us tonight – January 31, 2010 – as your popGeezer unleashes the catty and live-blogs the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on CBS.  Let the snark (and occasional sincerity) BEGIN:
* Taylor Swift has [...]

DOTI: Bring On The Good Guys? Thank Odin!

The image is the story, though it’s certainly incomplete as of today.

Following the multi-year storylines – “Avengers: Disassembled”, “House of M”, “The Civil War”, “Secret Invasion” and the “Dark Reign” – Marvel Comics has announced their next company-wide overarching storyline, “The Heroic Age“.  Or, as I’d like to call it, “Here Come The Good Guys” [...]

“And Lo, There Shall Come An Ending!” (The Post That Won’t Stop!!!)

Updated 1/28/2010 AM:
New funny YouTube stuff from our favorite wacky Losties:

Updated 1/27/2010 PM:
If you don’t want to watch the final season of “Lost” in annoying week to week bites, you can wait for the home video version – ’cause it already has a street date!!

Streets 8/24/10 on DVD & BD.
• Original scripted content that goes [...]

For Those About To Shoot Repulsors, We Salute You!

It’s AC/DC and it’s “Iron Man 2” – together both!!  However, most of the “exclusive footage” is of the leggy, armor-clad dancers. 
Which is okay be me.
Who’s gonna tell “The Dark Knight” they’ll be vacating the number three all-time U.S. box office champ slot this summer?

Your Pre-Oscar Nominations Handicapping Helper!

Totally lifted from the AP, but actually a very nice bit of research, below is a recap of how all of the significant Oscar-bait flicks have fared during Kudos season. 
Remember, the Best Picture field has been opened up to nominate ten films, so as to include movies that the public might have actually SEEN!
The actual Oscar [...]

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