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It Was Worth The Wait…. (Updated With Larger – Uh – Johanssen)

Thank you, God… and Jon Favreau.

2009 Peabodys Honor That “Scottish Conan Guy”

The University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication Peabody Awards, recognizing outstanding achievement and public service in the broadcast media, were announced today.  Among the honorees are “Glee”, “Modern Family”, “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency”, “In Treatment” and a laundry list of PBS, NPR and local news programs.
Also honored… this guy:
“The Late, [...]

You Will Believe A Basic Cable Show Can Scare You [blank]less!

When the story of the development deal broke last summer, all I could do was hope that AMC would let Frank Darabont make the pilot of his adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s crackling-good horror comic, The Walking Dead.
Now, thanks to the fact that cable-network AMC will own the show outright – a first for their hour-long [...]

You Can’t Keep A Good Kryptonian Down! (Updated)

Updated 3/29/2010 PM: 
Able to leap record prices in a single bound, a copy of Action Comics #1 has again become the highest-priced comic book collectible ever sold.
One month after another copy of 1938’s first appearance of Siegel & Schuster’s Superman sold for $1,000,000, only to be topped by the selling price of a copy of Batman’s [...]

No One In My Professional Circle Believes Me…

… but Kick-Ass is going to be quite big.

Kick-Ass at
Just as importantly, the little lady featured above – Chloe Moretz - is really gonna blow up thanks to the colossally over-the-top role of Hit-Girl. 
In all of the advance trailers and clips I’ve seen, it does not appear that the movie is going to shy away from [...]

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