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“This Week In Pop-Culture History”, For The Week of April 26th-30th!

Once more into the breech(es) for yet another faboo edition of’s “This Week in Pop-Culture History!” 
For the Date of April 30th:
Birthday greetings to Willie Nelson (77), NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip (47), actor and Dixie Chap Adrian Pasdar (45), Steampunk cabaret aritst (and soon-to-be Mrs. Neil Gaiman) Amanda Palmer (34), “Spider-Man”s Kirsten Dunst (28), and ex-celebrity call girl Ashley [...]

Dr. Robert Handicaps the “Time 100″

[Ed. Note - Please enjoy Dr. Robert's reaction to the Artists in this year's Time 100. His views do necessarily represent those of   :)  ]
1.    Lady Gaga [of course]
2.    Conan O’Brien [sure, why not]
3.    Kathryn Bigelow [my new girlfriend]
4.    Oprah Winfrey [whatever]
5.    Valery Gergiev [Russian conductor, who cares?]
6.    Robert Pattinson [WTF?!]
7.    Ashton Kutcher [seriously?]
8.    [...]

“True Blood” – More Posters, More Fun! (Updated)

Updated 4/27 PM:
Here’s the official cast portrait for season three of “True Blood“, and Kristin Bauer (Pam) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) appear to have made the move to full series regulars – yay!!
And, thanks to Yahoo.TV – here’s Pam already moving front and center in the first “True Blood” pre-season three minisode!!  It’s right [...]

This Week on popGeezer Radio’s Inaugural “New Music Monday”

Today, we’re introducing a brand new feature to popGeezer Radio, “New Music Monday“!
Each Monday, we’ll drop in an all-new pod of the freshest and most interesting new and current pop tunes, mixed with just a hint of the appropriate classic songs for seasoning.  Our first edition ends our “Bieber virginity” on pGR, pays approriate attention [...]

Dear Jihadists (and Comedy Central), This Is Not A Fight You Want To Pick… (Updated With “Simpsons” Gag)

Over the past two weeks, “South Park” has celebrated both its 13th anniversary on Comedy Central and reaching its milestone 200th and 201st episodes.  The episodes themselves are a catalog of “inside baseball” references to the insane mythology of South Park, Colorado, specifically the acid-laden satire of our celebrity-obsessed popular culture.  This greatest-hits combo of episodes [...]

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