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June 1st Brings Us the Very First “Tunes Til Tuesday” on popGeezer Radio!

Updated 5/31/2010:
Tomorrow, we kick off June with “Tunes Til Tuesday“.  At 8 AM CT on 6/1, we’ll run three episodes of Sam Adcock’s “Tunes Til Two“, including the newest show from the weekend, the August 30, 2009 encore and a newly-edited September 27, 2009 show.  Enjoy Sam’s classic and delicious rock bouillabaisse all day long!!!
Only on [...]

This Week On popGeezer Radio: “Why Disco Matters”

The arrangements, the four-on-the-floor bass drum, the wonderful world of hi-hat cymbals – Disco not only doesn’t suck, it absolutely soars.  While it sold tons of records in the late 70’s, its influence can still be heard in today’s pop.
This week’s “popGeezer Radio” celebrates the power and the influence of the most misunderstood and maligned [...]

This Memorial Day Weekend on popGeezer Radio!

Your Memorial Day weekend on popGeezer Radio starts on Saturday at 8 AM CT with an all-new episode of “Tunes Til Two With Sam Adcock“.  After an absence of several months, Sam returns to online radio with a fresh collection of classic rock delivered in the mellow “TT2″ style.
Mik Davis delivers a set of “Guerrilla Radio” [...]

Do We Have A Picture of Paul McCartney?

From today’s [5/28/2010] Nashville Tennessean:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Paul McCartney will play his first-ever Nashville concert later this summer and tickets go on sale next month.
Nashville Mayor Karl Dean joined Butch Spyridon, president of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, for the announcement Thursday afternoon.
Steve Moore, well known promoter and executive vice president of AEG Live/Moore [...]

Finding “Lost”: A Question of Answers and A Lesson In Faith

I blame the Internet.
Used to be, a series would quietly come to an end and there were no expectations.  The characters would wrap up their lives, the screen would fade to black, we’d take a collective sigh and go on, looking for the next show to capture our interest and make us care.  Oh sure, [...]

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