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“She’s A Wonder, Wonder Woman!”

Before I begin to give you my ten-cents worth on the subject, here’s the press release from DC Comics regarding today’s issue of Wonder Woman #600:
DC Comics Co-Publisher and bestselling artist Jim Lee has redesigned her costume for the modern era, just in time for BABYLON 5 creator and critically acclaimed writer J. Michael Straczynski [...]

popGeezer Radio’s “New Music Monday” for June 28, 2010

Every “New Music Monday” appears to pick up the scent of the preceeding weekend… so to speak. 
This one was all about award shows, TV rock, and watching the new Rush documentary on FuseTV.
So the result is an “NMM” that is very much “alive”!!  Plus, make a mark on your calendar for next Monday – July [...]

Why Vanderbilt Is Cool… (Updated Anew)

Updated June 27, 2010:
Here’s a golden oldie from the popGeezer archives, but take a second to click down to the comments…  “Cam”, the creator of the funniest “Gameday” sign in ESPN history, found us!!!
Belated massive kudos to Cam, and to the hippest campus in the NCAA!!!
Updated 10/7/2008 PM: Mucho welcome-o to all who appear to [...]

Hide The Women-Folk… (Updated)

The thought of a freshly-divorced Don Draper frightens me.
“Mad Men” Season Four premiers on July 25th, on AMC.
[P.S.: I do intend to finish my recap of Season Three - two episodes were left to blog - before Season Four starts.  Want the short version?  I don't like Betty Draper.]

An All-”New Music Monday” on popGeezer Radio!!

[Ed. Note: Due to a brilliantly un-switched on hard drive, "NMM" is delayed until Noon CT today...  Genius.]
“New Music Monday” returns all-new and LIVE this morning – 6/21 @ 10 AM CT. 
Hear fresh tracks from Tom Petty, Macy Gray, Foxy Shazam, and MANY more!!  And today’s show will encore throughout the week, if you miss a minute!  ”NMM” [...]

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