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I Gotta Start Staying Up Later…

Just When I Thought I Was Out… They Pulled Me Back In!!

“The Prism” is now beta-testing at
And trust me, popGeezer Radio 4.0 will be the best yet.  [My lord, how could I not learn anything after three failed relationships??]

From Boy To Man To SUPERMAN: A Preview of the Final Season of “SMALLVILLE”

ATTENTION, K-Mart shoppers!  Blue and Red Spoilers abound!  If you don’t want to know about Smallville season Ten, then read no further!
 It’s an easy question.  How long does it take for Clark Kent to turn into Superman?  The blink of an eye, right?  Just a quick hop into a nearby telephone booth and bang, there he is, [...]

I’m With “Conaw”: O’Brien Debuts November 8th on TBS!

“Conan” premiers November 8th, at 11/1o PM Central, on TBS:

The Bass Drum Exploded, Taylor Swift & Paramore Stole Our Seats, But Miranda Lambert Saved Our Evening. (Updated for An “I Told You So”)

Updated on September 1, 2010:
Nine – count ‘em, nine – CMA nominations for Miranda Lambert, who had the pleasure of being onstage to announce them this morning.  This number is a record for a female artist, and is only one shy of Alan Jackson’s overall record ten noms from 2002.
I’ll probably pull a muscle patting [...]