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This Week on popGeezer Radio: “Such Unlikely Covers, Part 2″

Rebroadcast on The Prism, January 29, 2011:
Original post from May 1, 2010:
This week on popGeezer Radio, we’re going back to the well for another sampling of cover tunes – “Such Unlikely Covers, Part 2“. 
We pay tribute to the “queen of covers”, no not Bar Refaeli, but the legendary Linda Ronstadt, check out classics rockers paying tribute to the previous [...]

This Week on popGeezer Radio: “Such Unlikely Covers, Part 1″

Rebroadcast on The Prism, January 29, 2011:
Original post, from April 24, 2010:
This week on popGeezer Radio, we take a look at cover songs – new, or different, versions of songs made popular by other artists.  Some are great, maybe even better than the original, some are just a’ight, and some simply suck.
popGeezer Radio features the premier [...]

popGeezer Radio, Episode #11, Originally Aired 01/22/2011:




Queens Of The Stone Age
No One Knows

The Black Keys
Howlin’ For You

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
Booty City

Avril Lavigne
What the Hell

Take That
The Flood

The Decemberists
Down By The Water

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bruce Springsteen
Livin’ In The Future

Miranda Lambert
Heart Like Mine

Little Miss

Jason Aldean
Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Kelly Clarkson)

Joe Walsh
Ordinary Average Guy

The National

Pete Townshend
Crashing By Design

She & Him
Why Do You [...]

Up, Up And (Almost) Away! The “Smallville” Mid-Term, Part 2

OK boys and girls, in Part One of our exciting look at the first eleven episodes of the final season of Smallville, we examined episodes one through five and realized that the real danger facing the young Man of Steel is not Darkseid, but the massive contradictions, inconsistencies and loops in logic visited on him [...]

popGeezer Radio Episode #010, Originally Aired 1/15/2011

We took time to remember the late Gerry Rafferty, leaned a bit more toward the classic rock vein, “Featured” the work of the Brothers Gibb, and let the Pop Culture Wayback Machine carry us into the heart of 1984.  The playlist for episode 10 of popGeezer Radio 4.0 was:


Foo Fighters
Baker Street

Gerry Rafferty
Right Down the Line

Elvis [...]

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