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It Was Always About Respect… As “Smallville” Nears The Finish Line


Did you know that we enjoy TV’s Smallville around these parts? 
And once it’s gone, we’ll probably have some final op/ed pieces from both yours truly and our very own Kryptonian Council High Lord, Cadillac Jack.
But as we approach the eighteenth green of this ten- year long course, here are a few key tidbits from the past [...]

Content is Important, But Context is Truly King: The Story Behind “Talking ‘Bout A Revolution”

Here’s a quote from this very website.  Taken from the Mission Statement, which you can also click on at the top of this webpage, it goes a little something like this:
popGeezer.Com is all-pop, all the time, as we see it. 
If it lies on the time line that starts with John Kennedy’s assassination and stretches 20 minutes into the future, then [...]

Well, This is Sort of About “Glee”, Right?

Please allow Glee’s almost-perfectly utilized not-so-secret weapon – the limber Heather Morris – a few moments to that voodoo the she do… so VERY well.

Will Comcast-Iversal-NBC Build a “House” of Its Own?

This has been a back-burner issue for several months, and now the tasty pot that is Universal’s House airing on rival FOX’s network is a-full boilin’!!
Variety’s Stuart Levine has the details, and take note of the two particular stars that Universal already has under contract for season eight [and then, tell me this wasn't carefully [...]

Hey, Stuff About Comic Books! I Remember This Website!

Meanwhile, in comic book world…
The 2011 WonderCon was this past weekend in San Francisco.  This step-brother of the San Diego Comic Con make giant strides in trying to outshine its big bro, primarily by falling BEFORE the summer movie season.  The biggest winner this weekend, Warner Brothers’ June 17th release, Green Lantern. 
After every previous teaser trailer, [...]

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