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Falling Into TV: “If I’m Being Honest”, FOX Lives Or Dies With Simon Cowell

Simply put, it is the most emotionally engrossing and satisfying reality competition show in the English-speaking world.  And, other than dedicated ‘Net-heads and scurrilous torrent-o-philes, most American viewers don’t know anything about it and have no idea what’s about to happen.
It’s [finally] Time To Face The Music, USA!
Over a full year of planning finally comes [...]

Falling Into TV: NBC’s Mascot A Peacock, Or A Phoenix?

Remember NBC? 
Remember when Brandon Tartikoff called Bill Cosby and asked if he was interested in doing another TV series?  And the result of that act – mixed with the earlier birth of Hill Street Blues – was a two-decade run of TV that redesigned the sit-com and set the bar for drama, ratings, experimentation and big money.
But [...]

A Freakin’ Half-Century? How Did This Happen? (Reposted As Zero Hour Approaches)

Originally posted on December 6, 2010, which was your popGeezer’s fiftieth birthday.
When this all seemed a little funnier:
In my quite religious youth, I was very obsessed with the Rapture.
As a matter of fact, as a young boy, the appearance of Glinda’s bubble during a broadcast of The Wizard of Oz so frightened me, I [...]

Falling Into TV: CBS Plays To Its Strengths

This week, the broadcast networks and their closest cable relatives held their Upfronts, major dog and pony shows designed to sell their new Fall 2011 shows (and scads of commercial time) to major ad buyers.  The success of these upfront sales has a big impact on the actual production budgets for programs the networks make during the fiscal [...]

The popGeezer Reaction To The “Smallville” Finale (Spoilery)

While our very own Cadillac Jack will, I’m sure, hold forth at some length, I wanted to put my brief spin on the conclusion of Smallville’s 10-year run – “Finale, Parts 1 and 2″.  My main knock against the finish is not directed at the producers, writers or actors, but rather against Warner Brothers itself, owners [...]

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