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And Now to Honor America….

What is more patriotic than the Living Legend of World War II, Captain America?  Not darn much.  So, to start getting you into a Fourth of July frame of mind, let’s enjoy Chris Evans as Steve Rogers the First Avenger.  Okay?

Next, here’s a cool retro-type poster, which was only issued to cast and crew as [...]

The Tale of The Itsy-Bisty Ultimate Spider

This week, Marvel published Ultimate Spider-Man #160, which featured the death of Peter Parker, bringing his career as the “Ultimate universe” web-slinger to a tragic end.
Here’s an alternate cover to the issue by Marvel’s uber-boss Joe Quesada:
As a cranky old geezer, I should not have liked Ultimate Spidey.  Ten years ago, Marvel began an alternate universe, and [...]

“It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Red-Blue Blur WAY OFF In The Distance!” After 10 Long Years “Smallville” Ends With a Whimper Instead Of A Bang [Part 1]

You guys know I’m a fan, right?  That for all my love/hate for the producers and the writers, I have always loved Smallville and wanted to see it succeed and reach its potential, not only as a TV series, but as a part of the Superman mythos.
So imagine how stunned I am, sitting here now almost [...]

And Now This, Of Course…

First, the affiliate did the right thing in banning Coupling and God…, as they were horrible TV shows.  And you can’t really legislate or dictate morality, and the Mormons – though the current toasts of Broadway – have the right to decide what they will and won’t air on their station.
Let’s just lie back and [...]

Mrs. popGeezer Said It Best, “Why Should We Watch Either Now?” / The “Factor” Shot Heard ‘Round The World (The Final Chapter)

Updated 6/7, 9 AM: Meh.  Simon says it’s all a done deal, but it was meant to return Cheryl to X Factor U.K..  And it all went south once the story leaked.  My girl got jobbed, and that’s all there is to it.  Boo.
Updated 5/30, 5 PM: Act one of the great tragedy ends with [...]