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2010-2011 Emmy Nominations Announced – “Breaking Bad”s Absent Loss Is Several Other’s Gain!!

It’s Emmy announce day for the 2010-2011 TV season, and in some places it’s the “same old thing”.  In other categories – take Lead Actor, Comedy – it’s a dang reboot!!  And scattered throughout the Drama categories, you see the hole left by Breaking Bad missing a season filled by a number of new nominees [...]

“It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Red-Blue Blur WAY OFF In The Distance!” Cadillac Jack Continues His Look at “Smallville” and He’s STILL Not Happy! [Part 2]

When I turned Part One of this wrap-up in to your popGeezer, he remarked, “It’s an epic poem!” (referring, one would assume, to its length, because I checked and it doesn’t rhyme anywhere!) I would like to say that this final installment will be shorter, but it likely won’t.
However, in the interest of brevity, let us proceed.
When [...]