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The Replacements Are Coming! (Can’t Hardly Wait?) Your Midseason TV Premier Dates & A Look Forward At The 2011-12 TV Season [Part Deaux]

Happy New Year, TV fans & Geezoids!
Once upon a time (not a plug for any show now or ever on any network), mid-season replacement television was strictly second string, a cobbled-together collection of shows that weren’t good enough for the original schedule. Hopefully, they just might keep you distracted long enough not to realize that the [...]

It’s The popGeezer Radio Hot 100+ For 2011!

It is that time of year – the end – where one gets in the mood to cound things down. And that’s the plan for New Year’s Weekend, starting on December 30th at 9 AM CT, on popGeezer Radio.
We’ll unspool our annual countdown of the 100 (plus!!) poppiest tracks of 2011, across all pop music [...]

Girl Group Little Mix Wins U.K.’s “X Factor”

Judge-crafted girl group Little Mix won the good old original X Factor Sunday night at London’s Wembley Arena.
It was the first group win in the show’s history, and the first time a girl group had made it into the finals.
Hooray…. and I’ve decided that two X Factors at once is one too many.
So there.