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Oscar Weekend, And Our Thoughts Turn To… “Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie”?!?

When it comes to comedy, I consider myself pretty open-minded.
But I don’t get Tim & Eric. Never have, never will. Their open hostility toward middle America, unfortunate-looking souls and common normalcy always overpowers the real skill of their comedy. At the same time, this cruelty, mixed with their amplified banality and two-by-four approach to visual comedy [...]

The Once & Future Wizard: SyFy Rescues A Show From NBC, Which They Bought From The BBC, and Winds Up With A Hit In MERLIN, the Story of Literature’s First Sorcerer Supreme When He Was A Boy (Spoiler Alert)

AWAKE has a premier date! AWAKE has a premier date! (Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. More on that in a minute.)
I am so not a Twitter guy. Nor am I a Tumblr or a Digger or whatever else they call all you folks out there in the Social Network who [...]

Let’s Watch Cadillac Jack’s Head Explode…

Smallville Fans Rejoice! New Comic Book Series, SMALLVILLE SEASON 11, to Pick Up Where Show Left Off

Fans of the smash-hit TV series Smallville haven’t had much to cheer about since the show ended its critically acclaimed 10-year run on The CW last May.  That’s all going to change with the upcoming new comic book series from [...]

Occupy Marvel

James Sturm – author, cartoonist, educator and life long comics geek – writes in Slate on Tuesday about a subject dear to my heart.
Jack Kirby’s estate still isn’t seeing a dime from all these Marvel Comics movies. Sturm’s opinion is that a boycott of this summer’s Avengers movie is great way to show your support for the visual [...]

What The “Chuck”? A Look at How A Fan Favorite Ended & How Several Wannabe Fan Favorites Are Beginning

I’m spoiling the CHUCK finale, so be forewarned!

I love Chuck. Absolutely love it! For the past five years, I have watched our favorite Nerd-Herder as he found the Intersect, joined the CIA, worked at the Buy More, got the girl, lost the Intersect, quit the CIA, lost the girl, told his friends, found his dad, [...]