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BO-25 (As In “Box Office $25 Million”)! They Sunk My “Battleship”!

Poor Taylor Kitsch. First he saddles up for the year’s first big flop, John Carter, which was actually a pretty good movie that was killed by a studio who didn’t know how to market it and a mass audience that didn’t understand it, and now, he’s center stage of Flop #2, Battleship, the alien invasion [...]

CBS Fall 2012: Hail To The King, Baby, Or, You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Tell You Moving “The Mentalist” Blows

CBS, the highest-rated network if you ignore American Idol, doesn’t have many holes to fill for fall 2012. Standing incredibly pat, the Tiffany Network was able to pick and choose to find their seven new shows. Sadly, this still meant they decided to pick up a potentially superfluous contemporary Americanization of the Sherlock Holmes mythology, [...]

ABC Expands Comedy, Pairs “Endings” & “23″, Moves “Revenge” Up In The Order, And Takes Us To “666 Park Avenue”

With no massive schedule problems, and the solid product from the Shonda Rhimes factory, ABC is able to load up three nights with returning shows this fall. Monday is a stone-cold lock, Tuesday makes use of rising stars Happy Endings and Don’t Trust The B- In Apt. 23 as a later-hour comedy block, and ABC brings [...]

Dear Warner Brothers: An Open Letter To The Studio That Makes The DC Movies, Offered Up Before You Greenlight “Justice League”

With the phenomenal, unheard of success of The Avengers movie in its first weekend (almost 700 million worldwide…and counting), is there anybody out there who doubts that Warner Brothers is going to dust off their old plans for a JLA movie and not get it greenlit pretty damn quick? I didn’t think so.
But before they [...]

FOX’s 2012-2013 Fall Schedule Mostly Familiar, With A Few Key Moves, But Still Adorkable

FOX takes an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach to their 2012 fall schedule, with Sundays and Wednesdays untouched from the 2011 season. Tuesday’s being turned into all all sitcom night, where three of their comedies (all single-camera shows this year) will slot in with Raising Hope and The New Girl. Touch gets [...]

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