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“But Aside From That, Mrs. Lincoln, How Was The Theatre?”, Or, We Double-Team “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” (Spoiler Alert!)

We watched ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER and found out that there was more at STAKE during the Civil War than we thought! First up, our Cadillac Jack
Along with my dad and Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln has always been something of a hero to me.  I have always admired the way he bootstrapped himself up from [...]

We Double-Team “Prometheus” (Spoiler Alert)

PROMETHEUS UNBOUND!  Director Ridley Scott returns at long last to the Science Fiction genre that made him famous and shoots for the stars with a return to the world that started it all!
First up, Cadillac Jack –
According to Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan, a forerunner to the gods who took pity on humanity and [...]

Meet The Post-Millenial Inhabitants of “Mockingbird Lane”

Bryan Fuller, creator of Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, already has a new show set locked-in for 2013 on NBC, his take on Silence Of The Lambswith the reimagined prequel Hannibal. Yesterday, it was announced that blazing hot, Cannes best actor award-winner and Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen will play Dr. Hannibal Lechter opposite Hugh Dancy as FBI Agent Will [...]

The TV Awards You’d Give Out If Only You Could…

If you could give out awards to your favorite TV shows and performers, I assume your list of nominees would look a lot like those of the 2012 Critics Choice Awards for Television. This is the second year for these  awards from the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, which is associated with the Broadcast Film Critics [...]

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

We see SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and DO NOT live happily ever after!

2012 seems to be the Year of the Fairy Tale (and no, I’m not making any of the obvious jokes, so get your mind out of the gutter!). From Once Upon a Time and Grimm on the tube to this year’s earlier [...]

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