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“The Expendables 2″, Revenge Of The Dinosaurs!

Sly Stallone and his aging collection of septuagenarian samurai get all Expendable again and give Hollywood a crash (pun intended) course on the RIGHT way to make an action movie.
When I was a young pup in the 80’s, fresh out of college and out into a world where it would still be possible (at least [...]

“Bourne” To Be Vague

Where we sit down for The Bourne Legacy and watch it’s director struggle with a powerful case of cinematic schizophrenia…
I can see why Tony Gilroy got the gig to write and direct The Bourne Legacy. Having written the stories and screenplays to all the other Bourne movies, not to mention Armageddon, The Devil’s Advocate and [...]

Surviving Members of The Monkees Announce Tour….

The Monkees are set to return to the stage this November for a 12-date U.S. tour, marking the first time Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork have played together since 1997. The tour kicks off at Escondido’s California Center for the Arts on November 8th and finishes at the Beacon Theatre in New York [...]

“Total Recall” Reminds You Of Every Sci-Fi Movie You’ve Ever Seen!

When the original Total Recall first came out in those halcyon days of 1990, it had already been banging around Hollywood for years as one of the smartest scripts (written by Dan O’Bannon) that Hollywood had yet to produce. Based on the short story We Can Remember it for You Wholesale by SF legend Phillip [...]

Tired Of Summer Series? When Will Your Fall Faves Return? Gather ‘Round Kids, ‘Cause Here’s The Scoop!!

As I sit here, gearing up for my return to the classroom tomorrow, it occurs to me that the Fall TV Season is merely one newly-turned leaf away from being upon us. This has undoubtedly occurred to the networks as well, because they have been scrambling to assemble their fall schedules, filled to the brim with [...]