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“Angels In The Architecture, Spinning In Infinity…”: Thoughts On Doctor Who, Before The Big Five-0

For a series about time-travel, it has taken Steven Moffat’s two and a half-years at the helm to finally make Doctor Who about the passage of time.
Consider just a few of the things he’s done during his time as the showrunner:

Aged the Doctor himself over two hundred years
Established that Amy Pond and Rory Williams’ time as companions [...]

THE FANTASTIC FIVE! [No, it’s not the Fantastic Four with The Thing & The She-Hulk. It’s just my overdue look at the five returning shows I’m most looking forward to!]

I’ve been a bad boy. OK, I’ve been a tardy boy, but bad makes me sound edgier. So I’ve been a bad, tardy boy, how’s that? The reasons for my tardiness stem from the fact that as a teacher, a father, a live theatre junkie and aficionado of all my various other proclivities and distractions, [...]