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THE GAME’S AFOOT! How CBS’s Sherlock Holmes Is Just Like the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes And Yet Feels Totally Different In Almost Every Way!

When I first heard that CBS was going to make a show about a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, I shook my head in sad resignation.
After all, the brilliant Stephen Moffat (of Doctor Who) and Mark Gattis had already created just such a show for the BBC (airing in the US on PBS) which was being heralded [...]

Me & My ARROW: The CW takes another stab at the Emerald Archer and this time (surprise!) gets it right!

You can imagine, after my less than favorable reaction to the last few seasons of Smallville, that I would greet the news of the CW’s plans to bring DC’s The Green Arrow to the screen with a certain amount of dubious enthusiasm. After all, Oliver Queen and his masked alter ego had been a major [...]