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Double-Team Time, As We Explore FEUDS! TIRADES! TROUBLE ON THE SET! Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” Rises From The Dead Like, Well…A Zombie! (Spoiler Alert!)

First up this time, our Cadillac Jack expresses mostly good stuff about World War Z:
If you’ve been paying any kind of attention then by now you know two things about the new movie World War Z. One, that once you get past the title and the fact that it’s about zombies, it’s nothing at all [...]

Time To Pick A Side, Geezoids! It’s The Double-Team Review For “Man Of Steel” (Spoiler Alert)

It’s time to “double-team” review one of the most anticipated films of the past three years: Warner Brother’s massive Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. Both our intrepid reporters have ideas on how to fix it, though they disagree on how MUCH of it might need repair.
First up, your rather shaken popGeezer:
Oh… where to start? Richard [...]

“Man Of Steel”: T-Minus 4 And Counting (Spoiler Alert, Only If We’ve Guessed Right)

As you may know, this website has used up a lot of pixels on the subject of Superman over the past five years. Especially once Cadillac Jack started covering Smallville.
And I recently made sure you all understood that, in my opinion, 1979’s Superman: The Movie is STILL the most perfect comic book movie ever made, edging [...]

We Double-Team “After Earth”… But Isn’t This Just Piling On?

This week’s Double Team takes on the sci-fi “actioner”,  After Earth. First up, our Cadillac Jack:
Finally, Will and Jaden Smith and M. Night make a movie that makes us glad the apocalypse happened!
To quote the words me’sainted mother once said to me at a young and impressionable age, “If you can’t say nice about somebody, [...]

In Happier Casting News….

… Joss Whedon may have been given all the big “guns” to play with, but James Gunn is getting the most fascinating toy box full of goodies to use in making his Guardians Of The Galaxy Marvel movie…
Who could Del Toro possibly be playing???

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