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We Double-Team “The Wolverine”: The Second Time’s the Charm as Hugh Jackman & Company Hit Theaters with a Movie That’ll Make You Happy Your Family Isn’t Speaking to You! (Updated!)

[Update & Ed. Note (July 31, 2013): So my laissez-faire attitude toward the inter-film consistency in Fox's cinematic X-Verse may not be widely shared. Our Cadillac Jack's woodshedding of the fact-checking by the makers of The Wolverine appears to barely scrape the surface of the continuity gaffes all through the six films. Entertainment Weekly, in its August 3rd issue, gets someone [...]

Dear “Vulture”, Truck or No Truck, Bite Me.

If Katy is releasing a new LP this year, she can proclaim it by sending a gold-plated mule through the streets, and I would still be joyful. Though I would worry about the health of the mule.
Our little angel releases Prism on 10/22/13.
[Ed. Note - a widget to our tumblr page is now on the [...]’s Post #1000: What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been / The Monkees – It Only Took 26 Years To Complete The Set!

In 2008, about five years ago, somehow I decided to start a website about my obsession with TV, movies, comics, DVD’s, and the then-nascent world of interactive digital entertainment. My perspective would be from that of an aging late-period baby boomer who was still far too obsessed with this crap for a man of his [...]

We Pause This Summer Movie Season For The Following Special Announcement >>>

Networks announce premiere dates of all your favorite Fall shows (and we’ve got ‘em!)
As I sit here, bemoaning the fact that my summer vacation is over and that I have to report back to school in one week (August 1), I am heartened somewhat by the fact that the arrival of fall also [...]

So…That Happened. “Red 2″ & “R.I.P.D” Hit The Theaters With A Thud Heard ‘Round The World!

In the midst of a full season of huge superhero tent poles(Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, the upcoming The Wolverine), and against a backdrop of the buzz from the halls of the San Diego Comic-Con – where it was just announced that the new Avengers movie would be called The Avengers-The Age of [...]

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