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Cadillac Jack Goes It Alone To “The World’s End”, Saving His Favorite Of The Summer For The End!

Edgar Wright And Simon Pegg Return For The Final Chapter Of Their Cornetto Trilogy With The World’s End . Can Anyone Say “Best Movie Of The Summer?” We Thought You Could.
To be honest, I’ve haven’t been a huge fan of the recent revival in R-rated comedy. Oh, I liked The Hangover movies (the first [...]

Less Message, More Carnage: The “Elysium” Double Team Review (Spoiler Alert, If popGeezer Remembers It Right..?)

First up, a troubling narrative from Rip Van popGeezer:
Well, this is going to be awkward. I’d better explain.
I’m not a young pup anymore. Years of playing that rock and roll too high, and wearing those dang headphones, has taken an audible toll. Tinnitus has taken a good bite out of the mid-range of my hearing, [...]

Last, But Not Least! F/X Chimes In With Premiere ‘Dates’ For “Justified”, “Louie” and “AHS: Coven”, Then Heralds The Return Of Billy Bob Thorton To TV!

Well, we knew my last list was incomplete.
A few weeks ago we gave you the run-downs on the new season premiere dates of new shows and I admitted at the outset that most of the shows on the list were on the four and a half major broadcast nets. We had one or two cable [...]

Even I Think This Is A Bit Much….

… and it’s Gallifrey, you boob (a.k.a., me!)

This Week [8/4 - 8/10/2013] On popGeezer Radio!

Your Weekend always goes better with popGeezer Radio!

Sunday August 4th finds us one week away from August 11th’s 4th anniversary show, and we deliver something pretty special first! It’s the premier of popGeezer Remix!!

This inaugural edition “remixes” our first internet radio show from 8/14/2009, which honored Les Paul & his Guitar Heroes!
“popGeezer Remix: Les Paul’s [...]