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The New Season Is Here! The New Season Is Here!

As the new Fall season arrives, I pick my choices for the best new shows, best returning shows and the one or two shows that just really shouldn’t bother.
Ah, Fall. Autumn leaves, football games and a new season’s worth of shows from the four and a half major networks. As always, the new season looks [...]

Hey! Kevin Spacey….

You just lost an Emmy to Jeff Daniels in the most bizarre example of Hollywood’s legendary Liberal bias… like, ever.
How do you feel?

Yeah…. I feel you, dude.

“Y’all Gon’ Make Me Lose My Mind, Up In Here, Up In Here!”

And I’m in Charleston that day anyway, so it’s DVR-only for me. [sigh].

A Modest New Book Proposal From popGeezer Press….

“So, Your Fundamentalist Christian Friend Just Decided President Obama Is The Anti-Christ”
A Guide To Navigating A Potentially Uncomfortable Personal Situation
By popGeezer Press

Invite your friend to lunch at a local Chili’s or Applebee’s . These are effective non-threatening locations, and it will supply a very benign ambiance.
Arrive early, and be seated first. Have the host/hostess bring [...]

What I Watched On My Summer Vacation! [Or, Here's What Cadillac Jack Did While You Were At The Beach!]

Well, Labor Day has come and gone, and the kids are back in school once again. So, before the new TV season premieres in a week or so, it’s time once again for my annual report of the summer and winter shows I DVR’d, the binge watching I did off Netflix and the new DVDs [...]