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“A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends…” The Oddly-Received Arrival Of “Veronica Mars: The Movie”!

As one of the almost fifty-two thousand below-the-line producers of Veronica Mars: The Movie, you’ll understand if I can’t be as objective about the project as I should. And, like many of those Kickstarter investors, I got the code for my digital copy of the movie yesterday and watched the film today. I was most [...]

Chris Carter Gets Even With “The After”, On Amazon Prime! (Updated!)

Updated 3/11/2014: News just in that Amazon has ordered this pilot to series, along with Bosch, Transparent and Mozart In The Jungle. As of this writing I’ve seen Mozart, and think it’s worth the effort because it’s about classical music and it will feature Gael Garcia Bernal (in his U.S. TV series debut), Malcolm McDowell [...]