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The 2014 Fall Season Exposed!! Our Cadillac Jack Plays Herculean Catch-Up With the News From the Latest Up-Front Presentations and Previews the 2014-15 TV Season! Huzzah!!

OK, first of all, thanks to your popGeezer for his down-and-dirty coverage of the network up-front presentations while I was otherwise distracted, detained and destitute. (These words mean nothing; I just like being alliterative.) I’m back now and ready to play catch up in a big, big way, with no small assist from the good [...]

The Road To “Utopia”

It began with a press release back in February of 2014…

Ever so exciting….. but what’s Utopia?
How could I miss knowing about some buzzy UK TV show? A conspiracy thriller? One that – after I started doing some research – centers around a group from a comic book fandom message board who fall headlong down some [...]

FOX Blows Up “Animation Domination” In Major Schedule Overhaul (Updated)

FOX, coming off a year where even American Idol couldn’t put them back into first place, is making major changes to its Fall schedule. Most surprising is that live-action shows are coming back to Sunday nights. From the and FOX’s PR folks, here’s the full 2014-15 scoop:
(All Times ET/PT)
8:00-9:00 PM GOTHAM (new)
9:00-10:00 [...]

NBC Out Of The Chute First With 2014-2015 Schedule Info!

NBC has released the basic information for their 2014-2015 schedule, in advance of tomorrow’s annual upfront presentation. The most interesting thing about the schedule, and something I expect we will see as a trend repeated with ABC & FOX, is the network’s decision to stand pat, at least until CBS finishes their 8-week run of [...]