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It’s “Cadillac Jack’s Eclectic Avenue”, Premiering 6/29/2014 on the popGeezer Radio Streams!

These smug little puppets are ready to tear the cover off their big radio announcement. Beginning 6/29/2014, you will be able to hear Cadillac Jack’s Eclectic Avenue each week on the popGeezer Radio streams!
This weekly three-hour tour of Cadillac Jack’s record collection, including appearances from Jack’s collection of characters from his years on the radio, [...]

The popGeezer Radio GOLD! App for iOS Has Arrived at The App Store!

Originally posted 6/8/2014:

It’s here – for devices running iOS 7 or higher – the popGeezer Radio GOLD! app!! Download for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, and instantly connect to the popGeezer Radio GOLD! stream!!
Updates soon on the Android version, and for the apps for popGeezer Radio Prime!!

The 2014 popGeezer Radio Summer Schedule Starts June 3rd! [Updated With Addition of "Cadillac Jack's Eclectic Avenue"]

Our new summer schedule for popGeezer Radio and popGeezer Radio GOLD! began Monday June 3rd. It looks EXACTLY like this:

Hey Geezoids and Crime-Stoppers – Here are some key points to take away:

While the scheduling is consistent between popGeezer Radio & pGR GOLD!, the two streams won’t simply play the same encore shows simultaneously. The two [...]

“RUN CADILLAC RUN!” In Which Our Erstwhile Reporter Finally Gets Off His Duff & Reports on Summer 2014’s Biggest Movies (So Far)!

Face it, folks, sometimes playing catch-up is the only exercise I get. The end of the school year and the onset of summer vacation hit me in the face like a wet rag and I have been running around like a burning man in a match factory for the last month, trying to get all [...]

The Day The Music Died, Again: Radio Legend Casey Kasem Passes Away at Age 82 & Cadillac Jack Reflects on What We’ve Lost

“Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars…”

Since Fathers Day I’m sure you registered, either as a barely noticeable blip on your personal radar, an earth-shaking End of an Era (as it was for me) or somewhere in between, that Casey Kasem passed away on Sunday June 15. If you didn’t, [...]

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