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popGeezer/popGeezer Radio’s 7” of Ecstasy – “Love Takes Time”

It’s popGeezer’s 7″ of Ecstacy – a delicious unveiling of the best 45 RPM hits of all time!!
Orleans, “Love Takes Time”, Infinify/MCA, 1979

Perhaps I knew this at the time, but twenty-five years takes a little toll on the brain.  So I just re-discovered that Orleans co-founder and co-front man John Hall had left the band two years [...]

Holy Bank Loan, Batman!!!

Coming 11/11/2014 to home video, from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. Forty-eight years in the making…..

Anticipated sub-$300 retail for Blu-Ray…

Anticipated sub-$200 retail for DVD…
Details coming today from a panel at SDCC.

It’s The popGeezer Radio Network! (Honest)

If you’ve been around this blog, or ever put “popGeezer Radio” or “popGeezer’s Playlist” into the search box of this website, you know the (somewhat checkered) internet radio history of your popGeezer. In a nutshell: – 8/2009-11/2009 (oy) – 12/2009-4/2010 (An iPOD and an XBOX360 made me cry.)
popGeezer Radio, Vol. 1, 4/2010-8/2010 (Including the disaster [...]

The popGeezer Radio Prime App For Android Has Arrived!! (Updated for Kindle!)

Updated 7/9 AM:
The Amazon Appstore for Android has posted the Kindle version of the popGeezer Prime App! Click that pic and go get it!!!

Original post 7/8/2014:
The Android app for the popGeezer Radio Prime stream is here!
Your one-touch connection to popGeezer Radio is ready to download from the Google Play store NOW! Very soon, the app [...]

The Appetizer Premiers 7/5/2014 At 9 PM CT on popGeezer Radio Prime!

Saturday night July 5th at 9 PM CT, The Appetizer Radio Show premiers on popGeezer Radio Prime.
We’ll send you to D Grant Smith’s page for more details, but we’ll invite you to join us for this long-running program out of Texas. With a focus on great alternative and eclectic pop music, from new and established [...]

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