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popGeezer Radio’s “These Were The Seventies, Version 2.0″: 1971

“These Were The Seventies, Version 2.0: 1971″
Still to air on Tuesday night 9/2 at 7 PM CT, and NRNRadio.Net on Saturday 9/6 at 7 AM ET and Sunday 9/7 at 10 PM ET….


The Rolling Stones
Brown Sugar

Marc Bolan & T. Rex
Bang a Gong (Get It On)

Tommy James & The Shondells
Draggin? The Line

The Fortunes
Here Comes That [...]

The popGeezer Radio GOLD! App for Android Is Finally Here!!!

Oh, frabjous day!!! The popGeezer Radio GOLD! app for Android is on the Google Play store at long last!!!
If you have an Android device, you can grab this and have a one-touch connection to our 24/7 stream of classic pop/rock/country/r&b music. We’re in the middle of the “70’s Flashback To Fall“, with all 1970’s tunes [...]

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for The Bounty You’ve Bestowed… (Updated, as Satan Requested Equal Time)

These Katy Perry .gifs were totally swiped from The Superficial, who credited Jordan_Belfort. Said the website:
[thank you] for these GIFs that I have no idea where they’re from, so let’s just say Heaven. That should hold up in court.
Name any reason(s) that Katy shouldn’t, play the Super Bowl.
BTW, Kate Upton thrown in for no other reason than [...]

popGeezer Radio’s “These Were The Seventies” V2.0 Re-Starts At The Beginning… 1970!

Our very first attempt at a long-form series, popGeezer Radio’s These Were The Seventies , is returning to the internet air beginning on 8/18/2014! Every weekday, at 9 AM CT and 11 PM CT, you’ll hear an episode on the popGeezer Radio GOLD! stream for the next two weeks. It’s the centerpiece of the pGR [...]

Oh, Captain, My Captain… Robin Williams is Gone.

As inventive and as fast a comic mind as has ever been.
His explosive arrival on the national scene in the late 1970’s, coming so quickly behind the advent of Saturday Night Live and SCTV, helped drive improvisation-based comedy to the forefront of America’s humor landscape. Never one to hide away his use of recreational chemicals [...]

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