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Start Your Engines, ‘Cause George Miller Has Two Hundred Horses in His Pocket and They are Ready to Roar! [Double-Team B]

When the original Mad Max came out in the lost and forgotten bygone year of 1979, I wasn’t impressed. To the jaded eye of this freshly-minted college graduate and his yet-to-be-road-tested Theatre degree, the whole thing seemed too low budget and low brow for my taste. The entire film either sailed far over my head [...]

Vaya Con Dios, Dave!

Hail to thee, Captain of our TV’s and our hearts.

“Mad Max: Fury Road”: A B**-S*** Crazy, Groundbreaking, Uneven Spectacle [Double-Team A]

Mad Max: Fury Road makes Beyond Thunderdome look like a sad cartoon and Mad Max look like a student film. It’s a visual assault on your cerebral cortex, filled to the brim with unparalleled stunts, physical effects and house of horror make-up and prosthetics. And though you’re free to decide if you’re watching a total reboot [...]

“There Can Be Only One”…. A Few Words On My Forty Years With David Letterman

By 1978, Indiana-born ex-TV weatherman David Letterman had moved to Hollywood, become a favorite at The Comedy Store, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and tapped to be a semi-regular guest host of that show on some of Johnny’s many nights off.
If you never saw Letterman in this era, you missed his particular [...]

This One Goes Out To Kelly! [With Apologies & A "Parental Advisory" Flag?]

So, Maroon 5 dropped a new single today.

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