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BOOM BOOM! ACKA LACKA LACKA BOOM! “Jurassic World” Walks The Dinosuar To Half A Billion Dollars Worldwide! [Double-Team B]

Second Time Director Colin Trevorrow (with a little help from Chris Pratt and Steven Spielberg) Resurrects an Extinct Movie Franchise-But Is It Any Good?
It was obvious to me Friday night that there was something going on with Jurassic World. I showed up for the 7 PM IMAX 3D show at my local theatre, and it was [...]

“Dyno-Might!!” – “Jurassic World” Consumes The Box-Office & Recaptures The Spirit of Two Decades Ago! [Double-Team A!]

First, a quick hop back to 1993….
Steven Spielberg had a a banner year. In the Summer, he reinvented the summer tentpole he created with Jaws in 1975, by  releasing Jurassic Park. This post-modern monster thriller fully made CGI a regular part of a filmmaker’s tool kit. Simultaneously brand new and old-school, this giant crowd -pleaser [...]