Happy New Year From The ‘Great Darkness’!

By popGeezer | December 30, 2015

As 2015 prepares to become 2016, it’s time for a “what’s up” note from your slumbering popGeezer.com.

A significant technical issue knocked us out in July of 2015, just as we posted Cadillac Jack’s review of Marvel’s Ant-Man. It didn’t take us offline, but a corrupted database left us unable to save ANYTHING until late yesterday.

Now, with accessibility restored, and a giant back-up of the entire site safely stashed away, it’s time for a quick update and a teaser of what’s coming in 2016 on your reawakened popGeezer.com.

First, we need to talk about popGeezer Radio….

From our high of net-casting on eight stations/streams simultaneously, we are now down to one… officially. Our own streams went offline in 2015. due to neglect and starvation. JDX1029.com went dark for several months, is now in a nascent re-booting phase, and the future of classic shows on the stream is undetermined.

The LateNightRockerNetwork.com is still pumping out the tunes, but I’m currently unsure how many streams are running. PlanetZ102.com still exists, and I think we’re about to lock down a Friday night slot for classic encores.

Our work with our dear, dear radio friend Peter Christian, on both his planned ZZQ1029.com and the location of a version of the “popGeezer Radio Weekend Experience” there, ended abruptly with Peter’s untimely death on November 10, 2015. While a stream continues at that location, it is in a sort of stasis, with no details on what may happen with that stream or that domain name. All love to the spirit of Peter C, though. [Pictured holding his first grandchild.]

While our new Christmas show ran on TCR1100.com, I’m not 100% sure what the fate of our encore shows are there for the future.

And our 17-month run on AbramRadio.Net’s WMCR ended on 12/27/2015. No rancor – No childishness was involved in this departure. The station ceased operation on 12/31/2015, due to the falling of the titular “Great Darkness“.

On December 16, 2015, the Copyright Royalty Board handed down a long-awaited decision on royalties to be paid by streaming net-casters to the copyright holders of recorded popular music. These net-casters are the small but proud operations where popGeezer Radio – the shows and the streams – have been heard since August 2009. Their decision, that these broadcasters owe $0.0017 per song they play to rights holders, doesn’t look that nasty does it. But it is enough of a change that, on 1/1/2016, as this policy takes effect, internet radio stations will wink out of existence like The Enterprise beamed them all up. WMCR is one of those that will shut down. The owner estimates a monthly royalty bill of between $1000 and $1500 a month. That’s not a fitting figure for a hobby, but is mortgage payment. There may be a legal battle, or some change to the decision, but these remedies won’t appear in time to stop the “Great Darkness” from falling.

With WMCR’s shut-down, both Cadillac Jack and myself have radio shows that end.

Which leaves us with NeighborhoodRadioNetwork.com, good old NRN.

They, too, are facing a new financial paradigm with royalties. As of this writing, “The Senator” plans on keeping NRN on-air as long as financially viable. This means that – for some time to come – the “popGeezer Radio Morning Show” continues from 6-11:59 AM ET every weekday.

Now, with radio resolved, what about this website???

Honestly, I can’t give you a huge long-term answer. The very special terms under which this site has operated will end in 2016. I’m faced with a new cost structure there, or moving this site to another host. While that host is already paid for 2016 and is standing by, the mechanics of successfully migrating eight years of content is a scary mystery to me. The last time the site had major work done, we lost all the graphics from our first six months of operation. If you ever navigate back to those posts, you can see many empty picture frames. I deleted a good chunk of superfluous content previously, and will probably hack at more of it in the weeks ahead. But I just don’t know….

I know that Cadillac Jack wants to resume supplying TV and Movie content. [Lord, don't you want to read a spoiler-laden "Double-Team" review of The Force Awakens??]

I know that I want to run a 2016 reader-voted “popGeezer Hall Of Fame” campaign and induction.

But I don’t know if we have any readership left after being silent since mid-July. So what are we to do……? Do YOU have an opinion???

2 Responses to “Happy New Year From The ‘Great Darkness’!”

  1. Alan Stewart Says:
    December 30th, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    Hey, I definitely want to see that Double-Team review of TFA! I’m just one guy, obviously, but you have my vote to continue.

  2. wo Says:
    December 31st, 2015 at 4:04 am

    Happy New Year.