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Everything Old Is New Again: A Look At The 2011-12 TV Season (Spoilers…)

Welcome to November, everyone!
Halloween is naught but the barest of memories, caught in our collective consciousness like a clot of creamy nougat between our teeth and Thanksgiving, barely noticed amidst a barrage of tinsel, Black Friday extravaganzas and pre-Christmas packaging will be over almost before we have even realized it’s arrived, and that means it’s [...]

A Belcourt Theater Staffer’s Shocking Death Triggers A Push For Bike Safety (Updated With News Channel 5’s Lead Story)

From The Nashville Scene, November 3, 2011:
Live To Ride
by Elise Tyler
When Brooke Kalan woke up to an early morning call Sept. 14 from her friend JP Banas, she sensed that all was not well. “I never receive calls from JP before noon,” she says. When she answered, the news was even worse than she feared.
Their [...]

“It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Red-Blue Blur WAY OFF In The Distance!” After 10 Long Years “Smallville” Ends With a Whimper Instead Of A Bang [Part 1]

You guys know I’m a fan, right?  That for all my love/hate for the producers and the writers, I have always loved Smallville and wanted to see it succeed and reach its potential, not only as a TV series, but as a part of the Superman mythos.
So imagine how stunned I am, sitting here now almost [...]

Mrs. popGeezer Said It Best, “Why Should We Watch Either Now?” / The “Factor” Shot Heard ‘Round The World (The Final Chapter)

Updated 6/7, 9 AM: Meh.  Simon says it’s all a done deal, but it was meant to return Cheryl to X Factor U.K..  And it all went south once the story leaked.  My girl got jobbed, and that’s all there is to it.  Boo.
Updated 5/30, 5 PM: Act one of the great tragedy ends with [...]

A Freakin’ Half-Century? How Did This Happen? (Reposted As Zero Hour Approaches)

Originally posted on December 6, 2010, which was your popGeezer’s fiftieth birthday.
When this all seemed a little funnier:
In my quite religious youth, I was very obsessed with the Rapture.
As a matter of fact, as a young boy, the appearance of Glinda’s bubble during a broadcast of The Wizard of Oz so frightened me, I [...]

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