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FOX Renews “Fringe”!! Hell Freezes Over!!

It’s official. I have now forgiven FOX for cancelling Firefly. Yes, it was a horrible, terrible, extremely short-sighted thing to do, but in a shocking turn of events it seems that they have learned their lesson and found their redemption by renewing, for no other reason than the love of the fanatical few faithfully devoted [...]

The Once & Future Wizard: SyFy Rescues A Show From NBC, Which They Bought From The BBC, and Winds Up With A Hit In MERLIN, the Story of Literature’s First Sorcerer Supreme When He Was A Boy (Spoiler Alert)

AWAKE has a premier date! AWAKE has a premier date! (Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. More on that in a minute.)
I am so not a Twitter guy. Nor am I a Tumblr or a Digger or whatever else they call all you folks out there in the Social Network who [...]

What The “Chuck”? A Look at How A Fan Favorite Ended & How Several Wannabe Fan Favorites Are Beginning

I’m spoiling the CHUCK finale, so be forewarned!

I love Chuck. Absolutely love it! For the past five years, I have watched our favorite Nerd-Herder as he found the Intersect, joined the CIA, worked at the Buy More, got the girl, lost the Intersect, quit the CIA, lost the girl, told his friends, found his dad, [...]

popGeezer’s Pop Culture Top 10 of 2011 (Spoliers Ahead)

The turning of the year has come upon us. And, by golly, it brought us an actual blog entry from your all-t0o-absent popGeezer. Rather than a year-end ranking of TV and movies, or some such blather, let’s take a broader view. Here, for the second year in a row, are our choices for the Top Ten most [...]

The Replacements Are Coming! (Can’t Hardly Wait?) Your Midseason TV Premier Dates & A Look Forward At The 2011-12 TV Season [Part Deaux]

Happy New Year, TV fans & Geezoids!
Once upon a time (not a plug for any show now or ever on any network), mid-season replacement television was strictly second string, a cobbled-together collection of shows that weren’t good enough for the original schedule. Hopefully, they just might keep you distracted long enough not to realize that the [...]

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