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The Playlist For popGeezer Radio’s “These Were The Seventies, Version 2.0: 1977″

AbramRadio.Net – WGLD                                                      10/10-10/11/2014
PlanetZ102.Com & RockRootsRadio.Com                          10/11/2014
JDX1029.Com                     [...]

It’s The popGeezer Radio Network! (Honest)

If you’ve been around this blog, or ever put “popGeezer Radio” or “popGeezer’s Playlist” into the search box of this website, you know the (somewhat checkered) internet radio history of your popGeezer. In a nutshell:

ZZQ102.com – 8/2009-11/2009 (oy)
JDX1029.com – 12/2009-4/2010 (An iPOD and an XBOX360 made me cry.)
popGeezer Radio, Vol. 1, 4/2010-8/2010 (Including the disaster [...]

Billboard’s Top 100 Singles of 2013 Are Announced!!

Music industry (they still have that?) paper of record, Billboard, is preparing to release their double-decker year-end “2013 In Music” issue. As a tasty teaser, here’s their list of the 100 Top “Hot 100″  singles of the year!! See how many of these made the popGeezer Radio Hot 100 by sneaking a listen to the [...]

It’s A Flag-Waving Weekend on popGeezer Radio!

Your HOLIDAY Weekend always goes better with popGeezer Radio, Volume 9!

Sunday is an encore presentation of our July 4th show, where we heard some of the best Summer chart hits, July 4th Billboard #1’s and other favorite flag-wavers on our “4th of July Chart Sparklers“! Up again on Sunday, 7/7/2013, at 5 PM CT!

Psst, don’t tell [...]

This Week on popGeezer Radio: “Such Unlikely Covers, Part 2″

Rebroadcast on The Prism, January 29, 2011:
Original post from May 1, 2010:
This week on popGeezer Radio, we’re going back to the well for another sampling of cover tunes – “Such Unlikely Covers, Part 2“. 
We pay tribute to the “queen of covers”, no not Bar Refaeli, but the legendary Linda Ronstadt, check out classics rockers paying tribute to the previous [...]

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