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Oh My Stars & Garters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to just add this to my earlier CW schedule post as an update…. But that would be wrong.
Allow me to present the greatest trailer for a TV pilot in the history of the medium.
Ladies, Gentlemen, Fangirls and Fanboys…..
Behold The Majesty of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow!!!

I cannot speak.
Let us prey this thing can [...]

What Truly Matters In The CW’s 2015-16 Schedule? She’s The “White Canary”!!

CW prez Mark Pedowitz said on a Thursday morning press call, “‘DC Legends of Tomorrow’ is part of the “Flash”/”Arrow universe.” Pedowitz teased of big crossovers. “Yes, they will live together, as three shows.” He also confirmed big character news for CW’s superhero fans: Caity Lotz will play the White Canary, as seen in the [...]

And Overnight…. Everything Changed! The Marvel Super-Hero Team-Up You Wished For Is Really Coming!!

So, late on Monday, February 9th, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios dropped something of a bombshell, which was the most stunning aftershock of the Sony data hack scandal of late 2014.
Starting with a cross-over appearance by the webslinger in an unnamed Marvel film, the Amazing Spider-Man was coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe… mostly. After [...]

The Mid-Season Scorecard: Our Cadillac Jack Takes the Pulse of a Surprisingly Healthy 2014-15 TV Season and Gives His Prognosis for the Second Half

Ah, the touch of Jack Frost biting at our noses – perhaps one of the more horrific visual images I can imagine – and the jingle of holiday bells provide all the evidence we need that the winter is upon us, and that the old year is coming to a close. And as we attend [...]

SDCC Gives Us The Calendar Of Comic Book Movies! [Updated After A Jaunty Stroll On The Gaza Strip!]

Updated 8/6 PM (After a whirlwind of activity):
First, Warner blinked on the Batman/Superman release date in the face of the unexpected blockbustering of Guardians Of The Galaxy, now sailing past $200 million worldwide. For a moment, DC’s defeat was palpable.

“Hey, I’m a movie star!! Bwah-hah-hahh!!!”

Then, like a Sunday on the Gaza Strip, the silence was [...]

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